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  • RGI Graduate Award Exhibition: Tales from the Barrow

    Tales From The Barrow is a collection of works by photographer Charlotte Roberts, mixed media artist Charlotte Hayes and painter Megan Squire exploring landscape, artefacts and mythology. The Barrow, being an ancient burial mound covered with earth, became the intersection of their practices and a geographical reference to the North of England where the three …

  • Aerial view of a landscape with a green coloured waterway with three small islands and a larger rocky, beige and grey beach. There are several people walking on the beach.

    Meet the 2020 RGI Graduate Award Winners: Charlotte Roberts

    The RGI Graduate Award is awarded to emerging artists at the GSA Degree show, in recognition of outstanding work. The three recipients, Charlotte Hayes, Megan Squire and Charlotte Elizabeth, are all recent graduates from The Glasgow School of Art (GSA). The winners, from the School of Fine Arts, were selected by the RGI artist judging …

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