Weaving 2

Artist: Annemarie Murland


Bio: Born in Glasgow, Scotland I migrated to Australia in 1991 to a coastal, regional town in New South Wales. As an experiential side effect of the migratory process, I comprehensively began to negotiate the physical and emotional complexities of self-identification and belonging as a way of finding meaning and understanding of myself in this new space and place.
Currently, I am working across abstract and representational modes of expression to examine the dualities and polarities that occur in the everyday lived experience. I am particularly concerned with how we place value and importance on relationships that exist, inside and outside of the self, and in the spaces and places we inhabit. Collectively my works of art, regardless of their genre or materiality, are a visual expression of felt experience. As sensory objects, they embody a personal, visual language that has been shaped by experience and cultivated over time and place.

Medium: Mixed media (pencil and paint)


Dimensions: 90 x 80cm


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