The Self is a Place of Illusion

Artist: Lynne Cameron


Bio: I am a contemporary painter based on the Isle of Bute. This is one of a series of hand-pressed painting~prints, Between Memory and the Ghost, made in 2020 during a visit to New Zealand unexpectedly extended because of the pandemic. The prints connect to this stretching of time, and hold longer time by asking to be looked at as imagined landscapes, moving in to follow coastlines that reveal themselves, or are they paths? or fractured ice?

The titles are taken from Iris Murdoch’s book on moral philosophy, The Sovereignty of Good:
“The self, the place where we live, is a place of illusion. Goodness is connected with the attempt to see the unself, to see and to respond to the real world in the light of a virtuous consciousness.”

Medium: Diptych, acrylic paint, hand-pressed monoprint and ghost, on card

Dimensions: 87 x 29.5 cm


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