Seven Sisters

Artist: Norman Sutton-Hibbert


Bio: I’m a multi-disciplinary artist – woodblock printmaking, collage, painting, sculpture/installation art, photography and performance feature in my practice.
I love working with a wide variety of media and pushing my boundaries in the use of them. Hence, it was approximately seven years ago that I began transcribing my long interest in fabrics, patterns, repetition and the convention of colour, into sculpture, installation art and performance.
The work I’ve submitted here, ‘Seven Sisters’, came about when thinking about Jim Lambie’s quote ‘if colour is gonna open up a better dialogue with the work then I’ll use that’, The colours have been used to highlight how unique each of us is. The choices we make in relation to our clothing – the styles, colours, patterns/or lack of them, helps us evidence our individuality.

Dimensions: 46 x 27 x  12cm

Medium; Mixed media sculpture

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