Artist: James Tweedie


Bio: James Tweedie, born 1951; has exhibited widely since 1972 with many solo exhibitions in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh; has also been included in numerous group and survey shows in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, exhibitions of Scottish Art in Nurnberg, Amsterdam, Paris, Bilbao. Awards include the William Bowie Award at the Paisley Art Institute, the Maude Gemmill Hutcheson Prize and the Scottish Arts Club Award, both at the Royal Scottish Academy. Has work in many collections across the UK, France, Canada and the USA. “The paintings are usually about my experience of places that I know, altered during the making in an attempt to express the mystery of our relationship to the world; moments of epiphany, wonder and perhaps a visual poetry that cannot be explained in words.”

“Dream-like, ethereal and uncanny, James Tweedie’s urban landscapes are threaded with surrealism and mystery. Looming storm clouds and sprawling
shadows unfurl across Tweedie’s canvases, shrouding ordinary landscapes with a layer of gravity. Taking odd corners of towns and cities, Tweedie transforms
familiar surroundings into intriguing scenes which beckon the mind to wander.” Thompson’s Gallery, London.

“Tweedie…excels in moody realism and mystery” Clare Henry, The Herald.

“…the ability to render the ordinary extraordinary…” Giles Sutherland, The Times.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 50 x 40cm

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