Marine Mystique

Artist: Sanjay Gupta


Bio: Sanjay Gupta put a pause on his passion for art to pursue banking, and a few years back, returned to his craft full time.“Over time, the memory of an object or an experience morphs into an image in my mind. And if the image remains strong and vivid over time, I try to transpose it onto a canvas. I do not take photos, nor do I go back to look at the objects again. I prefer to paint the image that is in my mind. Consequently, the elements that leave a stronger impression are more enhanced than others in my works.”

Sanjay’s works have been exhibited at the South West Academy of Fine & Applied Arts (UK), Royal West of England Academy (UK), Society of Scottish Artists (UK), Agora Art Gallery Competition (NY, USA), Monmouth Museum (USA), Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts (UK), Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre and at the CICA Museum.

A contemporary artist, Sanjay lives in Hong Kong.


Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions:  101 cm x 76 cm

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