Glasgow – A Historical Abstraction

Artist: Jane Bannister


Bio: A work of colour in contemplation of Glasgow’s history, inspired by Albers’ works ‘Homage to the Square’ and theories on interaction of colours. The painting depicts a 2000-year timeline of Glasgow in which multiple stories of past, present, heritage, environment, identity and memory are translated into colour and form. My intention was to select colours that resonate harmoniously with the past; to suggest prevailing or contentious issues not yet resolved such as Glasgow’s role in slavery and the wealth it produced, or of creating a new post-industrial identity. Each colour bar represents one year of that history, the centre being year zero. The painting should be read clockwise from the centre spiralling outwards to the final and bottom edge which represents the diversity of present- day Glasgow. The artist is an alumina of the Universities of Glasgow, Paisley and the Glasgow School of Art.

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 3.2 cm

Medium: Oil on board

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